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Mick Goodrick and Wolfgang Muthspiel: Musical Synthesis

By Published: June 22, 2010
AAJ: Did you ever consider doing a studio album for this project, or did it have to be a studio record given your long history of performing together?

WM: The day after we recorded the record we went into the studio and spent the whole day recording tracks, but we didn't use any of that material on the album. I think it's easier to bring out the interactive nature of our playing in a live setting. It just works better that way. Also, we were in this club with an audience and were feeling really good that night. We only recorded the one night, which is a bit risky, but luckily it all worked out and we were playing well on that particular occasion.

AAJ: Since jazz is an art form that is created in the moment, for the most part, do you feel that the true essence of the genre can ever be properly captured on a studio recording, or is it best heard on live recordings instead?

MG: The advantage you have in a live situation is having the audience interaction, which certainly affects the quality of the music. From the few recordings I've done with Wolfgang I've found that we can get into that deep level of interaction, and make great music, in a studio setting, but that for various reasons it's a lot easier to do with a live audience in the room.

AAJ: The record has a very organic feeling to it that portrays a very spontaneous musical interaction. How much did you get together and rehearse before the concert or did you leave the arrangements to be determined on the stage that night?

MG: It was all just played off the top of our heads, which is what was really cool about it. We figured out which tunes we wanted to play during the set, but that was about it. When we can live in the moment like this with another musician—and I don't feel this way with everyone—I think it's one of the highest levels of improvisational art that one can achieve.

Selected Discography

Wolfgang Muthspiel/Mick Goodrick, Live at the Jazz Standard (Material Records, 2010)

MGT (Muthspiel/Grigoryan/Towner), , From a Dream (Matrerial Records, 2009)

Wolfgang Muthspiel/Brian Blade, Friendly Travelers Live (Material Records, 2008)

Wolfgang Muthspiel/Dhafer Youssef, Glow (Material Records, 2007)

Wolfgang Muthspiel, Bright Side (Material Records, 2006)

Steve Swallow (with Goodrick), Always Pack Your Uniform On Top (ECM, 2000)

Mick Goodrick/Dave Liebman/Wolfgang Muthspiel, In the Same Breath (CMP, 1996)

Wolfgang Muthspiel Loaded, Like New (PolyGram, 1995)

Mick Goodrick Cities (RAM, 1993)

Wolfgang Muthspiel In and Out (PolyGram, 1994)

Wolfgang Muthspiel Black and Blue (PolyGram, 1993)

Gary Burton (with Muthspiel), Cool Nights (GRP, 1991)

Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition (with Goodrick), Audio-Visualscapes (Impulse!, 1989)

Charlie Haden (with Goodrick), The Ballad of the Fallen (ECM,1983)

Mick Goodrick In Pas(s)ing (ECM, 1979)

Gary Burton Quintet (with Goodrick), Dreams So Real (ECM, 1976)

Gary Burton Quintet (with Goodrick), Ring (ECM, 1974)

Gary Burton Quartet (with Goodrick), The New Quartet (ECM, 1973)

Photo Credits

Page 1: Courtesy of Material Records

Page 2: Ralph Gibson

Page 3: Windmueller

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