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Eddie Marshall: Search and Recall

By Published: May 26, 2010
AAJ: Finally, can you tell us something about any future projects, or would you like to add something more?

EM: Well, I'm doing this thing with Nir, and that's my private project. To make money, I work with top really good jazz players. So when I go home, I'll start playing with Bobby Hutcherson, vibe-player. We're going on tour starting next month, actually. In fact we're coming back here in June, to Barcelona and hopefully Europe. That's what I'm doing now. We've got a quartet and we have to learn the music. That's my project for the next two months.

Selected Discography

Bobby Hutcherson, Wise One (Kind of Blue, 2009)
Bobby Hutcherson, Mosaic Select 26 (Mosaic, 2007)

Jackie Ryan, Passion Flower (Openart, 2002)

Kenny Burrell, Stormy Monday Blues (Fantasy, 2001)

Eddie Marshall/Holy Mischief, Eddie Marshall and Holy Mischief (Independent Productions, 2000)

Eddie Marshall, Cookin' for You (Songosaurus, 1997)

Kronos Quartet, Monk Suite (Landmark, 1984)

Eddie Harris, A Tale of Two Cities (Sin-Drome, 1983)

Eddie Marshall, Dance of the Sun (Timeless, 1978)

The Fourth Way, The Sun and the Moon Have Come Together (Harvest, 1970)

Mike Nock, Almanac (Improvising Artists, 1967)

Photo Credits

Page 2: Josep Pedro

Page 4: Curtis Thomson, Courtesy of Eddie Marshall

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