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Evan Parker/Paul Dunmall Quartet at the Vortex, London

By Published: April 25, 2010

Wherever he strayed, Rogers provoked inspired rejoinders. A first set solo contrasted explosions of scraping with a filigree delicacy, enticing Parker to join in highly lyrical vein. Roger's lifted his leg as he bowed to aid getting just the required attack. A wondrous exchange ensued with a sequence of circular breathed tenor married to sustained cycling bowing. Parker essayed quiet harmonic distortions in parallel with Roger's slender shrieks to close the set on a high. Later, wielding his bow like a magic wand, Rogers flicked to and fro in upper register latticework with grace note cries, until switching to an almost guitar like plucking. Levin joined in minimalist dialogue: a rub of stick on drum head or rims judged sufficient answer to a bowed squeal.

There appeared no end to their intrigue, leaving the audience delirious, and this listener already looking forward to next year's reunion if such occurrences become annual events. In the meantime a Mujician tour mooted for the autumn may be the next chance to appreciate Rogers' talents on these shores in train with his illustrious compatriots.

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