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Ryan McGuire: Metal Reasoning

By Published: May 13, 2010
RM: Ehnahre for me is sort of representing introspection on a level of insecurity, really deep fears. It's that looking inside, the part that you don't necessarily convey on the outside and even on a conscious level don't deal with. But way, deep down in, there's this raging, fearful, terrified person. And that's kind of what that music is.

Selected Discography

Ehnahre, Alpha/Omega (Fun with Asbestos, 2010)
Ehnahre, Pipeline Live (Semata, 2009)
The Epicureans, A Riddle Within a Conundrum Within a Game (Eh?/Public Eyesore, 2008)
Ehnahre, The Man Closing Up (Sound Devastation, 2008)
The Epicureans, s/t (Semata, 2008)
Calliope Quartet, Musike Techne (Self-produced, 2008)
Kayo Dot, Bloody Panda Split (Holy Roar Records, 2006)
Ryan McGuire, Scented Leaves From a Chinese Jar (Self Produced, 2006) Daughters, Hell Songs (Hydrahead, 2006)
Kayo Dot, Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue (Robotic Empire, 2006)
Toby Driver, In the L.L.L...Library Loft (Tzadik, 2005)

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