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Chuck Anderson: Guitar Reemergence

By Published: April 20, 2010

Looking Around, Inward, and Onward

AAJ: So, finally, I'd like to know something about your life outside of your musical work.

CA: Well, first of all I never listen to music [laughter]. I listen to sports talk radio in my car. I have no discernible hobbies. I spend as much time with my wife as I can. We're in our twenty-first year of marriage, and we spend a lot of time together. My children, Chris, Nicole, and Silke are grown and gone. They're all married. I do a lot of physical training now to put myself back in shape. I was into karate, and I'm trying to get myself in shape to continue with that.

AAJ: You're not the type one would want to mess with [laughter].

CA: Probably not. I still have a good kick.

AAJ: A question I frequently ask is based on Coltrane's famous statement that music is his spirituality. He was a true seeker, following his own path. So, what is your philosophy of life, and does it have a religious or spiritual focus?

CA: I would go along with Coltrane and say that music is my religion, my politic, and my philosophy. I don't have a strong outer religious life in the sense of attending services, and so on, but I certainly have a strong meditative life, probably tending towards a Buddhist perspective. In life, I think I'm doing what everybody is doing, trying to synthesize and integrate what is important to them personally with what they need to do in life in order to survive. I'm deeply involved in helping people. I've been teaching for forty-five years, and I not only help people with their careers but also try to help them straighten out their own philosophy and direction. So my personal philosophy is to try to help everyone I can, pursuing the work that I love to do, and focus on the creativity, while finding a way to market that creativity so it can also be a career and a profession.

AAJ: So what are your career goals and directions over the next period of time?

CA: Working with the trio with Eric and Ed. Trying to find an agent to handle bookings. Jimmy Bruno and I are working on a new CD together where we co-write the tunes. Maybe we'll do some live concerts at the World Café Live. Eric Hebert wants to make "Chuck Anderson Jazz Guitar" a brand name recognized all over the world. Before he's done, he's gonna have t-shirts, picks and baseball caps with my name on them [laughter].

As I mentioned earlier, we've started "Chuck's Jazz Guitar Club," an exclusive membership club that allows people digital access to all kinds of stuff. I want to develop a following in Japan, Europe, China, and India, bringing the American jazz guitar to an international audience.

Selected Discography

Chuck Anderson, Freefall (Dreambox Media, 2010)

Chuck Anderson, Vintage Tracks (Self Produced, 2005)

Chuck Anderson Trio, Angel Blue: A Tour of Jazz (Self Produced, 2003)

Chuck Anderson, Kaleidophon (Self Produced, 1999)

Photo Credits

Pages 1-3: Linda Braceland

Page 5: Courtesy of Chuck Anderson

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