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Andre Matos: Fantasies Realized

By Published: April 29, 2010

AAJ: You certainly have a searching style, where do you see your music progressing next?

AM: I don´t write much on my tunes; in a way I want to do it even less and explore a somewhat freer playing, maybe develop it in a trio setting and try to put together different styles of playing the guitar which in some way are all the different facets I think I have. In the other hand, I also want to write more and more and maybe expand the band, with instruments that I never thought of using. I have the fantasy of using a lot of instruments in a perfect combination of written and improvised music. Also, I would like to record a jazz album, maybe playing songs, with guitar bass and drums, and do it simple and honest, if you know what I mean, just pure, uncompromised and warm jazz guitar music.

Selected Discography

André Matos, Quare (Inner Circle Music, 2010)

André Matos, Rosa Shock (TOAP, 2008)

João Lencastre, Communion One! (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2008)

Sara Serpa, Praia (Inner Circle Music, 2008)

Mikado Lab, Baligo (TOAP, 2008)

Photo Credits

Courtesy of André Matos

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