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Dave Brubeck: Jazz Legend

By Published: May 9, 2003
AAJ: At the age of 82, it seems as if you manage to stay just as busy as when you were touring and recording with your first great Quartet. What's your schedule like these days?

DB: Well, I just finished a series of recordings of some of my larger works. I recorded The Gates of Justice with the Baltimore Symphony, and I recorded a new work I was commissioned to do with the London Symphony. It's six variations on one of the earliest Gregorian chants called 'Planget Lingua.' I also performed my 'Mass to Hope' in Germany and Vienna, and when I did it in Moscow with the Russian National Symphony and Choir it was televised. Now there's a DVD out of that performance. And this coming Easter in Vienna, I'll be doing my work, 'The Crucifixion and Resurrection.' There really seems to be a renewed interest and discovery of what you could call my sacred works. I don't know if it's the time we're living in.

As far as other recordings, Columbia is going to be reissuing a box set of my five 'Time' recordings: Time Out, Time Further Out, Time In Outer Space, Time Changes and Time In. Some of those have been out of print for awhile. I just recorded a new CD for Telarc that should be out soon, and after the short tour that's bringing me to Columbia, I'll get ready to go to Vienna, then do 18 concerts in England, then come back to play all the Festivals like Newport, Tanglewood and the JVC Jazz Festival in New York. Then I'll be back on tour in the U.S. in the fall.

AAJ: I don't know how you keep it up' but I'm glad you do!

DB: I have to recharge my batteries every year a little more than I used to. But music is what I know how to do. So I just keep playing.

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Henry Benson

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