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Donny McCaslin

By Published: April 17, 2010
Just one year old, Claire McCaslin may not be sitting on any bandstands soon. But she's already influenced her father's music, who celebrates his 44th birthday in August. "I'm sure that's had an impact on the music I'm writing and how I'm playing. Part of it is there's a real sense of joy that comes with the experience and I can certainly say there are a couple of tunes I wrote around the time of her birth that reflect that and those will certainly be on the next record."

That project will be released on Douglas' Greenleaf label. "The new music I'm writing definitely has a chordal quality, so the real question is how is it going to be orchestrated. Are we just talking guitar and piano or are we talking like strings and woodwinds? I'm thinking, let's just look at this differently. Instead of going to choice A, let's look at five different choices and let's end up with choice 6. I'm trying to push myself into a deeper level compositionally. Not settling for what I could normally hear but pushing myself, trying to challenge myself to getting to some different stuff."

Selected Discography:

Lan Xang—Hidden Gardens (Naxos Jazz, 1999)

Donny McCaslin—The Way Through (Arabesque, 2002)

Dave Douglas Quintet—Live at the Jazz Standard (Greenleaf Music, 2006)

George Schuller's Wide Circle—Like Before, Somewhat After (Playscape, 2007)

Donny McCaslin—Recommended Tools (Greenleaf Music, 2008)

Donny McCaslin—Declaration (Sunnyside, 2009)

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