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Massimo Sammi: Dawn of a New Day

By Published: March 24, 2010
MS: Absolutely, yes. Right now I'm starting to study classical composition and film scoring with different film composers. My goal is to try and create a common vocabulary between all of these things in my art. To create an organic unity where I'm able to bring together my guitar playing, my jazz composition, my classical composition and my film scoring into one coherent focus with the purpose of always telling a story.

Just today I was reading an article that was describing the different pillars to every great story. There is the desire, the obstacle, the villain, the conflict, the resolution and the balance etc. Just like a novel, I felt that these elements should be present in every composition.

In this project the story was pretty apparent, because it was based on a specific concept, but going forward I want to bring this idea to other projects that are less specific as far as the concept is concerned. Even if all of these ideas sound like they're unrelated, at least from far away, my goal is to bring them all together and continue to write music that tells a story and connects to the audience in an emotional way.

Selected Discography

Massimo Sammi, The First Day (Self Produced, 2009)

Photo credits

Page 1: PuroJazz

Page 2 Top: Julieta Cervantes Courtesy of Massimo Sammi

Page 2, Bottom: Katherine Castro, Courtesy of Massimo Sammi

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