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Nuscope Recordings

By Published: February 27, 2010
Yet, Summers is prepared to adopt the necessary technological changes to insure that the label can continue. "That's why I called it Nuscope Recordings instead of Nuscope Records or CDs," he smiles. "It's also one reason I have the newest releases and several of my best sellers on HDtracks. While I didn't foresee such a huge download culture, I was fairly certain that CD technology would not be the only form of music delivery. However, I did not anticipate all of the illegal downloading. To be honest, it's hurt business and if I am to continue releasing music, sales need to be at a higher level than they are right now."

Four new titles are in the works, one of the most interesting being an interpretation of Morton Feldman's For Bunita Marcus, performed by Louis Goldstein. Other projects are a collaboration between John Butcher and pianist Claudia Ulla Binder (Under the Roof, just released) and a duo featuring Evan Parker with Nuscope veteran Georg Graewe. The fourth is a trio project with Swiss trombonist Samuel Blaser, guitarist Marc Ducret and drummer Pierre Favre. With offerings such as these in the pipeline, fans of the label and of innovative and adventurous music have plenty to anticipate.

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