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Gov't. Mule at Gothic Theater in Denver

By Published: February 24, 2010

The North Mississippi Allstars opened the show with an hour long set, only half as long as they typically play when on their own. They worked in many of their standard tunes such as "Shake (Your Mama)," I'o Black Maddie," "Shake 'em on Down" and "Goin' Down South," a program which drew heavily on the work of Mississippi Fred McDowell and R. L. Burnside. A highlight was their version of Hendrix' "Hear My Train A Comin'" a slow blues vehicle for guitarist Luther Dickinson to stretch out and throw down scorching, anguished cries. Luther's brother Cody is the drummer and their friend, the enormous Chris Chew plays bass and sings background vocals. As their name implies, the Allstars are from northern Mississippi; hill country. This area of Mississippi lies just outside the fabled Mississippi Delta and a distinctive form of the blues originated in this area. It's a raw, typically one chord, deep groove sound that, when electrified, tends to spell P-A-R-T-Y.

2/12/10 Set List: First Set: I'm Free; Wind Cries Mary; Game Face; Mr. Big; Gordon James; Kind of Bird; New World Blues; I'm a Ram; Second Set: One of These Days; Fearless; Lively Up Yourself; Raven Black Night; Drums; Inside Outside Woman Blues # 3; Brand New Angel; Blind Man in the Dark Encore: Scenes from a Troubled Mind; Fallen Down/Gimme Shelter Tease

2/13/10 Set List: First Set: Steppin' Lightly; Broke Down on the Brazos; No Need to Suffer; Woodstock; Thorazine Shuffle; Temporary Saint; Trane/Third Stone From the Sun/Norwegian Wood; St. Stephen; Feel Like Breakin' Up Somebody's Home; 32/20 Blues Second Set: Railroad Boy; Monday Mourning Meltdown; Beautifully Broken; Brighter Days; Drums; Like Flies; Frozen Fear; Mule; What Is Hip?; Mule; Encore: All Apologies; Get Behind the Mule

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