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Michael Cuscuna of Mosaic Records

By Published: February 4, 2010

AAJ: Do you have any other Mosaic projects waiting in the wings?

MC: I'm going to do a Joe Pass boxed set of Pacific Jazz stuff. That's some great stuff and there's an amazing amount of unreleased material. You know that album he did as a tribute to Django Reinhardt? Well that same band started the month before an album for Hank Williams and there's about four killer tracks like "Hey, Good Lookin'" and "Jambalaya" and stuff; the same band playing jazz. I've also been playing with a package building a Pacific Jazz thing around the hard bop black groups at the time, which were kind of overshadowed. In September then we've got The Complete Columbia Mildred Bailey Recordings, which will be about eight or nine CD's. Then we're going to branch out a bit further into vocal land, just because we've received so many requests. We're going to do The Complete 1950-1960 Four Freshman Capitol Recordings. We've also got another Columbia set from members of the Eddie Condon gang from the '50s and early '60s. In September we're also going to be doing a Verve small group Johnny Hodges set covering 1956 to 1961, a great time period for him and there's also a lot of unissued stuff. There was a tremendous amount of unissued stuff, a lot of it didn't survive, but some of it did. There's plenty of Ben Webster on it, Lawrence Brown; it's just some great stuff.

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