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John Medeski: Strong as Ever with MMW

By Published: December 28, 2009

"We certainly have the longevity of a rock band. We're not really a rock band. Our music is different every night. We re-invent stuff," explains Medeski. "We're improvising. We're communicating musically on stage. We're not just playing the same old radio hits from 18 years ago. We find ways to keep growing musically. If we weren't, we would stop. That's when we're going to be done. If we aren't still getting something out of it creatively, we're not going to do it any more. That's the kind of people we are as individuals ... We keep ourselves going. We all have other things and other interests and we respect that, honor that, for each other. That enables us to do what we do."

Medeski, Martin & Wood From left: John Medeski, Billy Martin, Chris Wood

Going forward? "You never know," he says, chuckling. He approaches saying the music is as good now as it has ever been, but then pulls back slightly on the reins. "I don't know, it's not really for me to say musically whether it's as good as it's ever been because I have no perspective on it. We just do it. But it in terms as what's going on between us as a group, it's as good as it's ever been. Whatever that means, we'll see."

One thing for sure, MMW will stay inventive because the members won't have it any other way, as their discography, exemplified in the Radiolarians package, attests. This won't be a stodgy outfit.

Selected Discography

Medeski, Martin & Wood, Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set (Indirecto, 2009)

Medeski, Martin & Wood, Radiolarians III (Indirecto Records, 2009)
Medeski, Martin & Wood, Radiolarians II (Indirecto Records, 2009)
James Carter/John Medeski/Christian McBride/Adam Rogers/Joey Baron, Heaven on Earth (Half Note, 2009)

Medeski, Martin & Wood, Radiolarians I (Indirecto Records, 2008)
Medeski, Martin & Wood, Zaebos: The Book of Angels Vol. 11 (Tzadik, 2008)
Medeski, Martin & Wood, Let's Go Everywhere (Little Monster, 2008)
Medeski, Martin & Wood, Out Louder (Indirecto Records, 2007)
Medeski, Martin & Wood, End of the World Party (Just In Case) (Blue Note, 2004)
Medeski, Martin & Wood, The Dropper (Blue Note, 2002)
John Scofield, A Go Go, (Verve, 1998)
Medeski, Martin & Wood, Shak Man, (Gramavision, 1996)
Medeski, Martin & Wood, Friday Afternoon in the Universe, (Gramavision, 1995)
Medeski, Martin & Wood, It's a Jungle In Here, (Gramavision, 1993)
Medeski, Martin & Wood, Notes From the Underground, (Amulet Records, 1992)

Photo credits

Page 1: Courtesy of John Medeski

Pages 2, 5: Courtesy of Medeski, Martin & Wood
Page 3: Bruno Tessa

Page 4: Brian Sherman

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