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Charnett Moffett: Improvisational Artistry

By Published: December 7, 2009

At 42, Moffett has miles to go before he sleeps, and he's happy to be in such a creative field, sharing the gift of music with others. "It has been my entire life. It is a wonderful blessing to be a musician and to appreciate the ability that music has to bring people together, even if it is for a short period of time. I think it makes significant changes in the way that it can make people feel better day to day. It's a positive to be able to give people a good feeling through music, regardless of what the style may be. People like music for different reasons and use music for many different reasons. To each his own. However, as an artist I just want to be true to my own identity and keep myself settled in a way that I honestly give in a creative way, with inspiration. Not as: 'Oh, what am I going to do now,' but with the attitude of: 'I'm looking forward to doing this now.' It all depends on what your objectives are in order to share the information."

Selected Discography

Charnett Moffett, The Art of Improvisation (Motema, 2009)
Charnett Moffett, Internet (Piadrum Records, 2006)
Charnett Moffett, For Love of Peace (Piadrum Records, 2004)
McCoy Tyner, Land of the Giants (Telarc, 2003)
Charnett Moffett, Planet Home (Evidence Music, 2003)
Charnett Moffett, Still Life (Evidence Music, 1997)
Ornette Coleman, Sound Museum: Hidden Man (Polygram, 1996)
Ornette Coleman, Sound Museum: Three Women (Polygram, 1996)
Charnett Moffett, Nettwork (Blue Note, 1991)
Tony Williams, Angel Street (Blue Note, 1988)
Tony Williams, Civilization (Blue Note, 1986)
Charnett Moffett, Net Man (Blue Note, 1987)
Charnett Moffett, Beauty Within (Blue Note, 1987)
Wynton Marsalis, Black Codes from the Underground (Columbia, 1985)

Photo Credits

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Page 2, 5: Jose Horna

Page 3: John Rogers

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