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Tim Garland: Beyond the Frontier

By Published: November 30, 2009

Tim GarlandAAJ: Do you have more hours in your day than other people?

TG: [laughs],I do struggle with that. Certain things I do I love and I live for, and they are my oxygen but they don't particularly pay very well [laughs]. I then have to make up by doing other things , at best I love them too; sometimes it's teaching, sometimes it's film work. I have got to watch myself sometimes. It's so much easier to see it in other people when you accuse them of being workaholics. Then you look at yourself and think:"Shit, I should stop judging people" [laughs].

One thing I've really enjoyed about being on tour is just being so close to my instrument. Sometimes if you're doing a lot of things, writing or whatever, just that time, again it's that word sacred, when you're just with your instrument practicing on your own —it's so essential. I had to prime that time and guard it because of all the other things in my life.

It is wonderful to be involved in a profession where one of the essences is somehow communication. It's a synthesis, a bringing together of things. It feels as if you're one of the good guys [laughs]. At least we aspire to that.

Selected Discography

Northern Sinfonia/Tim Garland/Bradley Creswick, Celebrating Bach (Audio-B, 2009)

Tim Garland/Lighthouse Trio, Libra (Global Mix, 2009)

Chick Corea/Gary Burton, The New Crystal Silence (Concord Music Group, 2008)

Tim Garland/Northern Sinfonia/Chick Corea, The Mystery: Orchestral Music by Tim Garland (Audio-B, 2007)

Tim Garland, Due North (Jazz Action, 2007)

Bill Bruford/Tim Garland, Earthworks Underground Orchestra (Summerfold Records, 2006)

Chick Corea, The Ultimate Adventure (Stetch Records, 2006)

Paul Bollenback, (Elefant Dreams, 2006)

Tim Garland. If the Sea Replied (Sirocco Music, 2005)

Tim Garland, Change of Season (Sirocco Music, 2004)

Bill Bruford's Earthworks, Random Acts of Happiness (Summerfold Records, 2004)

Tim Garland/Storms/Nocturnes Trio, Rising Tide (Sirocco Jazz, 2003)

Geoffrey Keezer, Falling Up (MAXJAZZ, 2003)

Joe Locke, State of Soul (Sirocco Records, 2002)

Clark Tracey, Stability (Linn Records, 2001)

Tim Garland, Made by Walking (Stretch Records, 2000)

Lammas, Sea Changes (Lammas, 1999)

Tim Garland, Enter the Fire (Linn Records, 1997)

Alec & John Dankworth Generation Big Band, Rhythm Changes (Ronnie Scott's Jazz, 1996)

Tim Garland, Tales from the Sun (EFZ, 1995)

Photo Credits

Page 1: Vladimir Korobitsyn

Page 3: Jose Horna

Featured Story: Fernando Aceves

All Other Photos: Courtesy of Tim Garland

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