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Omar Sosa, Jimmy Cobb and Chano Domínguez, 'Kind of Blue' variations at the Barcelona Jazz Festival (V)

By Published: November 17, 2009
The original touches he added were genius. "Blue In Green" had haunting vocals from cantaor Blas Córdoba, using a poem by Rafael Alberti. Chano quoted Catalan composer Frederic Mompou in "Freddie Freeloader." "All Blues" became a clap along. "So What" began with Mario Rossy's stand up bass like the original yet Chano's piano, with several quotes from Coltrane expertly slipped in, took over the famous counterpoint chords played by Miles and Trane. The rhythms were uniformly snappy throughout; each song clocking in shorter than the original. Steady inventive percussionist Israel Suárez, who played snare drums, cymbals and the cajón all with just his hands steered the proceedings, while the combustible dancer Tomasito added a very enjoyable, and surprisingly organic visual element to Chano's salute to Kind of Blue. Whether he was waggling his hips, stamping his feet, doing a bit of The Robot dance and even imitating a giddy-up-horsie motion, the smiling, lusty Tomasito, seemed to belong in the music, quite a feat when you consider that Kind of Blue is the widely considered the epitome of cool—the opposite of flamenco's trademark fire.

By the final encore, the sprightliness and happiness evoked by Chano's glorious reworkings, were impossible to resist and the ecstatic crowd let him know how they felt. Both sophisticated and accessible, lively and yet profound, musical in all the right ways, Chano's music-making had the right balance, making it the most listenable and meaningful tribute to the genius of Miles Davis, that fifty years has only made brighter and more resonant.

And remember: if you are in New York, you can catch El duende de 'Kind of Blue,' the final concert series of the 41st Voll-Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival, live at Jazz Standard from December 3rd to 6th, 2009.

Photo Credits: Ricard Cugat

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