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Take Five With...

Take Five With The Britton Brothers

By Published: June 23, 2010
Sonny Rollins
Sonny Rollins
Sonny Rollins
- The Essential Sonny Rollins: The RCA Years - RCA

What are some of the essential requirements to keep jazz alive and growing?

John: Jazz has always been a hands on experience. As the popularity of jazz has declined so has the opportunities to learn it. The focus in preserving jazz is now in the university and in education. I think that in order to keep the music alive the focus cannot just be in jazz education but in keeping it a hands on experience. Students need to be active in getting gigs at all kinds of venues, even those that may not currently support jazz. The musician and listener needs to be active in supporting their favorite musicians by going and seeing them play, buying their albums, and creating friendships and relationships among musicians and audiences when possible. Jam sessions need to continue. Bebop was formed in the after hour jam session in New York City. The music needs to continue to be played and approached in creative, fresh, and individual ways that encourages the type of progression that was always inherent in jazz music.

Ben: I think younger people need to be drawn into the audience for jazz to continue to do well. The more opportunities kids and teenagers have to be exposed to jazz music the better. Things like presentations, concerts, and master classes in grade schools are important. Community musical events and performances in venues where young people are found are also important. Not everyone can appreciate jazz music, but there are lots of open younger ears who would be into the music.

What is in the near future?

We are planning to release our new album, Uncertain Living, in the beginning of 2010. The album has some great musicians on it including guest artist Chris Potter on sax, Jeremy Siskind on piano, Austin Walker on drums, and Taylor Waugh on bass. We recorded mostly originals, and there is a focus on the music of our generation present throughout the album.

When we release the album we will also be releasing some free content meant especially for jazz musicians. There will be play-alongs, transcriptions of Chris Potter's solos from the album, and our original charts, all available for free on our website, We thought musicians would appreciate those resources.

We'll be announcing our exact release date soon, so visit our website or facebook to stay updated (links below).

Website - Facebook page - Britton-Brothers/106081898261?ref=ts

If I weren't a jazz musician, I would be a:

John: I would probably be an engineer, anthropologist, or some sort of comparative religion teacher at a university. Or I'd be a classical musician.

Ben: If I weren't a musician I might be a writer, web- designer, or physicist.

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