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By Published: November 28, 2009
'Spannung' translates to both 'voltage' and 'suspense' in English, two elements that can surely be found in Who Begat Eye, Blum's solo disc released on Konnex over the summer. "He has done something that very few record labels are willing to do these days," Blum said, "That is to release a solo CD of a relatively unknown musician. The fact that he believes in my work enough to take a chance means a lot to me personally as well as professionally."

Schiek likens Blum to Japanese piano star Yosuke Yamashita. Though he has never released a Yamashita album on Konnex, he says that the pianist's music embodies the spirit that he most admires. In the '80s, Schiek saw Yamashita perform often, including one especially memorable concert at the Berlin Philharmonic. "They made 50 minutes of power music," he recalled. "They start, it's unbelievable and they stop. And then, for a long time—silence. The people think 'what's that?' Then after a minute or so "Yeahhh!" All the people scream."

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