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Chuck Anderson: Philadelphia Ace

By Published: November 18, 2009
AAJ: I know you play at Chris's Café in Philadelphia. Have you played with Jimmy Bruno
Jimmy Bruno
Jimmy Bruno
there? If so, how was the experience?

Chuck Anderson

CA: I have not played with Jimmy. He is one of our finest jazz guitarists and I've been interested in proposing a concert with Jimmy, Pat Martino

Pat Martino
Pat Martino
and me at The World Café Live in Philadelphia. Pat was kind enough to attend a recent performance at Chris' in February. Frank DiBussolo and I gave a jazz guitar duo performance in The Great Guitar Series at Macungie Institute in late March.

AAJ: Is there a market for jazz?

CA: I feel that there is a tremendous market for jazz. The recording industry's shortcomings seem to be providing a boost in the demand for live concerts. Jazz is at its best live. They can't download the live experience. The Internet has provided unprecedented opportunities to spread the word of jazz all over the world.

Selected Discography

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Photo Credits

All Photos Courtesy of Chuck Anderson

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