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Frank Gratkowski: Accept Everything

By Published: November 12, 2009
Early in 2010, the trio with Kaufmann and De Joode will be touring Europe, augmented by the Parisian percussionist Lê Quan Ninh. "He's a magical musician who mostly improvises, but also performs contemporary classical music. He uses only a bass drum and some small objects. I've known him for a long time and I always wanted to play with him. Now there is finally a possibility: Achim and Wilbert also love the way he plays. I'm really looking forward to working with him. There will be no folkloric/traditional input, but maybe he's changed his way of playing, you never know! As Lê Quan Ninh said recently in a symposium: in improvised music you have to accept everything and find a solution to deal with it."

Selected Discography Frank Gratkowski/Chris Brown/William Winant, Wake (Live at Mills College) (Red Toucan, 2007)

Achim Kaufmann/Frank Gratkowski/Wilbert De Joode, Palaë (Leo, 2006)

Frank Gratkowski Quartet, Spectral Reflections (Leo, 2001)

Frank Gratkowski/Fred Van Hove/Tony Oxley, GratHovOx (Nuscope, 2000)

Frank Gratkowski/Georg Graewe/Paul Lovens, Quicksand (Meniscus, 1999)

Frank Gratkowski Trio, The Flume Factor (Random Acoustics, 1997)

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Tamara Glawischnig

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