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By Published: October 16, 2009
And that activity continues. Brookman has initiated the "Barcelona Series," which boldly follows the path Bailey set for himself in his final years. Ratherthan shrinking from the diminishing physical abilities related to motor neuron disease, Bailey found new ways to approach his guitar, accepting his disability as a challenge. The CD A Silent Dance with pianist Agusti Fernandez and two solo DVDs, Live at G's Club and All Thumbs, display to varying (but never lacking) degrees Bailey's new techniques, playing without a pick and leaving more space and coaxing more feedback from his amplified hollowbody than he had in recent years. The recent reissue of Bailey's 1974 solo album Lot 74, however, shows to a surprising degree that Bailey's fascination with feedback was nothing new.

Coinciding with the Lot 74 reissue this year was the launch of a new label website, that features the entire catalogue, articles on Bailey's music and a collection of old photos and handbills.

"The archive and resource sections are a new addition which increasingly interests me," Brookman said. "As I come from a visual background I am keen also to expand the Curiosities, Gallery and Vaults pages. My intention is to create a virtual museum with changing material on a monthly basis if possible."

And, of course, Incus will continue under Brookman's lead to release archival recordings and reissue titles from the back catalogue. "My preference is for new recordings to be released alongside material previously only released on LPs and other formats," she said. "I also intend to release previously unissued material held within the Incus archive. These aims will be dictated by economics."

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Marco Ugolini (1988)

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