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Oz Noy: No Longer Making Choices

By Published: October 20, 2009

AAJ: You also have bassist Will Lee and drummer Dave Weckl on your album for a number of the tracks. What is it like playing with that rhythm section, it seems like that would be a dream rhythm section for a modern jazz guitar trio?

ON: I've been playing with Will for many years. We've been doing a weekly gig that's going on seven years now, so we know each others playing very well. Will is just a great bassist, there's nobody better, and he's an irreplaceable member of my band. I could get somebody that plays different but I'd never find anyone who plays better than Will.

A few years ago, I started going out to L.A. to play and I used to bring guys from New York out with me for the gigs, but it got too expensive to do that. I kept coming back to L.A. every few months to play and in doing so I hooked up with Dave Weckl. We started jamming together and it's been about two or three years now that we've been playing together. Once Weckl, Will and I began playing, it just doesn't get any better than that.

AAJ: The title of your latest album Schizophrenic can be interpreted in many ways by many people. What does the title mean to you and why did you choose if for your new album?

ON: I think, in general, when I was developing as a young guitarist I was playing bebop and than heavy metal, so I was always schizophrenic in a musical sense. I couldn't' decide between rock and jazz because I loved them both. For a long time, I couldn't really combine those influences, but now I'm able to take all my blues, rock and jazz influences and combine them in my playing. I've always had a schizophrenic journey with my music.


Oz Noy, Schizophrenic (Magnitude, 2009)

Oz Noy, Fuzzy (Magnitude, 2007)

Oz Noy, Ha! (Magnitude, 2005)

Photo credits

Page 1, 3: Courtesy of Magna Carta Records

Page 2: Courtesy of Oz Noy

This article first appeared, in slightly different form, at Guitar International Magazine.

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