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Matthias Bublath: Getting Organized

By Published: October 6, 2009

Matthias BublathAAJ: You did a project with your father here in Germany entitled "Science meets jazz." In America, the name Bublath doesn't ring a bell with most people, but in Germany your father is a prominent television personality with a scientific background. How did the project go?

MB: I think he always wanted to do something like that—give people some education but entertain them at the same time. So, last January we did four shows and it worked very well, and we're going to do another one on Oct. 30th at BMW in Munich.

There is a bit of narration and a giant video projection screen with visuals of the universe, and we play behind those movies. For us it's a full concert, and towards the end we can really express ourselves.

AAJ: Seems like a "Cosmic Suite" is just waiting to be composed, with movements like "The Big Bang," "Singularity," "String Theory," "Dark Matter," "Black Hole" ...

MB: It's true, there are many possibilities. And you know with a project like this we reach a much larger audience than is normally the case with jazz.

Selected discography

Matthias Bublath, Voices (Downhill Music, 2009)

Claudia Koreck, Barfuss um die Welt (Ariola Germany, 2008)

Matthias Bublath, Second Angle (Matthias Bublath, 2008)

Matthias Bublath, Latin Jazz (Matthias Bublath, 2007)

Chicken Gravy (Takuya Kuroda), It's better with Chicken Gravy (Chicken Gravy, 2007)

Matthias Bublath, Mathias Bublath Band(Matthias Bublath, 2007)

Giana Viscardi, Tinge (Megaphon, 2002)

Photo Credit

All Photos Courtesy of Matthias Bublath

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