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Ornette Coleman: Music is a Verb

By Published: September 21, 2009
"Imagine," he says, "that you could go and play a sound—and that's what I hope you do, play a sound that no one has heard—then all of a sudden, they're smiling and dancing and joining. That's like taking a cure, you know? That's a really good thing."

Selected Discography

Ornette Coleman Complete Live at the Hillcrest Club (Gambit, 2007)
Ornette Coleman Sound Grammar (Sound Grammar, 2006)
Joe Henry Scar (Fontana Mammoth, 2001)
Ornette Coleman/Joachim Kuhn Colors (Polygram Records, 1997)
Ornette Coleman Tone Dialing (Harmolodic, 1995)
Howard Shore/Ornette Coleman Naked Lunch (RCA, 1992)
Ornette Coleman Virgin Beauty (Portrait, 1988)
Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman Song X (Nonesuch, 1985)
James "Blood" Ulmer Tales of Captain Black (DIW, 1978)
Ornette Coleman Dancing In Your Head (A&M, 1973)
Ornette Coleman Skies of America (Columbia/Legacy, 1972)
Ornette Coleman Complete Science Fiction Sessions (Columbia/Legacy, 1971)
Ornette Coleman New York Is Now! (Blue Note, 1968)
Ornette Coleman Who's Crazy? (Affinity, 1966)
Ornette Coleman The Empty Foxhole (Blue, Note 1966)
Ornette Coleman Town Hall Concert (ESP, 1962)
Ornette Coleman Free Jazz (A Collective Improvisation) (Atlantic, 1960)
Ornette Coleman This Is Our Music (Atlantic, 1960)
Ornette Coleman The Shape of Jazz to Come (Atlantic, 1959)
Ornette Coleman Twins (Atlantic, 1959)
Ornette Coleman Change of the Century (Atlantic, 1959)
Ornette Coleman Something Else!!!!: The Music of Ornette Coleman (Contemporary/OJC, 1958)

Photo Credits

Page 1, Madli- Liis Parts

Page 2, Mark Ladenson

Page 3, John Kelman

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