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Dr. John and The Neville Brothers at the Keswick Theatre

By Published: September 18, 2009

The cheers this night were loud, wild, and well-deserved for both Dr. John and The Neville Brothers. These bands are two New Orleans favorites, playing on this night on the road for those outside the city to enjoy. For many years at the New Orleans Jazz Festival they drew huge crowds, with the Nevilles closing the festival. It is a testament to their music that they can still draw and hold an audience with musicianship that hasn't lost a step. All of these musicians are in their 60s now, yet they play with the same youthful enthusiasm they have exhibited for half a century. And they, as was apparent by observing the audience at the Keswick, they are loved by young and old alike. We can only hope that they continue to tour so they can bring their infectious rhythms and joyful sounds to those who have the great fortune to hear them.

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