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John Patitucci: Celebrating Jazz Heroes

By Published: September 7, 2009
This immensely talented bassist is in a good place, for which he's grateful. "I've gotten to play with so many people. When you do that, you have greater exposure. People become aware that you like different kinds of music and you can function and bring something to those musics and bring a passion and an excitement to your participation. And that you care and that you're involved and making it happen. That's what was good about learning how to be a studio musician—somebody who could help another composer—another artist—realize their dreams. That's a good skill to cultivate," he says. "It's very important if you want to be a bassist."

Thankfully, the impetuous left-handed kid who didn't like using a pick with his right hand when trying to play the guitar became just that: bassist, extraordinaire.

Selected Discography

John Patitucci, Remembrance (Concord, 2009)
Jack DeJohnette, Music We Are (Golden Beams, 2009)
John Patitucci, Line By Line (Concord, 2006)
Wayne Shorter, Beyond the Sound Barrier (Verve, 2005)
Hank Jones, The Great Jazz Trio, S'Wonderful, (441 Records, 2005)
Chick Corea, To the Stars (Stretch, 2004)
John Patitucci, Songs, Stories Spirituals (Concord, 2003)
Wayne Shorter, Footprints Live! (Verve, 2002)
Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Roy Hargrove, Directions in Music: Live at Massey Hall (Verve, 2002)
Roy Haynes/ Danilo Perez/ John Patitucci, Trio (Verve, 2000)
John Patitucci, Imprint (Concord, 2000)
John Patitucci, Now (Concord, 1998)
John Patitucci, One More Angel (Concord, 1997)
John Patitucci, Sketchbook, (GRP, 1990)
John Patitucci, John Patitucci, (GRP, 1988)

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