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Remembering Les Paul... with Lyrics!

By Published: August 19, 2009
No lunch at Lutece/But Nevertheless

We're all saying YES

To hearing Les strum/At Iridium

Since more is LES.

Some others we've seen/Upon the jazz scene

Might pluck out a tune/No How High the Moon

No nothing like Les

Nobody else melts out the stress

They're all just greens, he's watercress

It had to be Les/So just say YES

And say more is LES.

Birthday Ode to Les Paul

re> L ongevity in musical innovation

E lectric solid-body sound sensation

S t. Louis and the Wolverton Radio Band

T op 40 overdubbing, in demand.

E nvisioning a world of multi-tracking,

R hubarb Red soon had a solid backing.

P aul (Les) designer of his own guitar;

O n top of the world but keeping the door ajar

L es Paul found love with darling Mary Ford;

S uperb duets, how COULD they ever get bored?!

F antastic blend, the duo paid their dues;

U nique "How High the Moon" and "Bye Bye Blues."

S electric Synchronization was the core:

S el-Sync, the brink of genius evermore.

Photo Credit

Gene Martin

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