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Afrobeat Diaries

Part 1 - Fela Ransome Kuti & Africa 70: Alagbon Close / Why Black Man Dey Suffer

By Published: August 25, 2009
Baker does a creditable job on Why Black Man Dey Suffer, although Allen's absence means Africa 70 lacks the singular rhythms that would come to define Afrobeat a couple of years later. But the album is worth hearing, with powerful lyrics and some strong instrumental performances. A valuable snapshot of Africa 70's foetal stage.

Tracks and Personnel

Alagbon Close

Tracks: Alagbon Close; I No Get Eye For Back.

Personnel: Fela Ransome Kuti: tenor and alto saxophone, keyboards, vocals; Tony Allen: drums, leader; Tunde Williams: first trumpet; Ukem Stephen: second trumpet; Lekan Animashaun: baritone saxophone; Christopher Uwaifor: tenor saxophone; Tutu Shoronmu: tenor guitar; Segun Edo: rhythm guitar; Franco Aboddy: bass guitar; Henry Kofi: first conga; Daniel Korenteg: second conga; Nicholas Addo: third conga; James Abeyoni: sticks; Isaac Olaleye: maracas; uncredited vocal chorus.

Why Black Man Dey Suffer

Tracks: Why Black Man Dey Suffer; Ikoyi Mentality Versus Mushin Mentality.

Personnel: Fela Ransome Kuti: keyboards, vocals, percussion; Tunde Williams: first trumpet; Eddie Faychum: second trumpet; Igo Chiko: tenor saxophone; Lekan Animashaun: baritone saxophone; Peter Animashaun: rhythm guitar; Maurice Ekpo: bass guitar; Ginger Baker: drums; Henry Kofi: first conga; Friday Jumbo: second conga; Akwesi Korranting: third conga; Tony Abayomi: sticks; Isaac Olaleye: shekere; uncredited vocal chorus.

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