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By Published: August 12, 2009
Beeferman's Music for an Imaginary Band, comprising such fine experimentalists as trumpeter Nate Wooley and saxophonist Matt Bauder among others, is also featured on a 7," providing a rare chance to hear his harmonically rich compositions. Even the one single on which Arnal plays speaks to aspects of his playing as yet underdocumented by Generate. "Brooklyn Mantra" pairs him with West-coast guitarist Ernesto Diaz-Infante for two improvisations that blend drone with more of Arnal's melodic percussion. "I'm very proud of these new releases," says Arnal. "They document long-time musical interests of mine in new ways and I am enjoying the shorter forms that the music is taking."

Indeed, these three new discs are some of the best the label has produced. They hearken back to earlier label efforts, like the projects with Beeferman or material from the group Tripwire, but they also portend a very exciting future for a very consistent independent label.

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