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Toronto Jazz '09 Festival Journal: 'Round About Midday to 'Round About Midnight

By Published: August 4, 2009
Elaine Elias never disappointed musically as much as she did with her record, Bossa Nova Stories. The record simply went on for much too long a time, or there were too many songs on it and the English vocals lacked the spark and swerve of the vocals in Portuguese. Hence wanted to talk tongue-in-cheek sort of, about doing a jazz American jazz record, actually. So I am sorry we could not speak...

Elias is an accomplished pianist but lately feels a calling to sing, which is a pity because Laila Biali does it better and so does Patricia Barber—sing and play piano, I mean... Diana Krall (as of her latest offering) is vastly over-rated, and now Elaine Elias. Oh well... I'm afraid that just as Dave Holland and Maria Schneider were festival highlights, Elias was a lowlight. Perhaps, like the Bossa Nova Stories there was too much music... Or perhaps it is just a temporary thing with Elias... Still mediocrity is terrorism in music— the enemy of creativity. Fortunately despite some 300 concerts at Toronto Jazz 2009, there was not much of either.

Boris Vian—born March 10, 1920, Died July 23, 1959...

But Boris lives! I spoke with him just the other day, and he was with Bird and Bud and Don Pullen and Charles Mingus... Wish you lovers of this music could speak with him too...

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Maria Schneider - Marek Lazarski/

Elaine Elias - Peter Figura

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