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Marcus Roberts: Has A Lot More To Do

By Published: May 12, 2009

"The validity of it has to do with the information that it brings. That's what I'm always interested in. That's another reason, too that we took our time before we put anything out, because—I've put out a lot of stuff and I didn't feel the need to rush. We've matured and our style has matured so now we have a bunch of work and a bunch of CDs and we'll just be putting them out."

We can expect much more from Roberts and his trio and the unique experiences they bring with them form a sound that transcends time. Each artist is an individual, yet in the truest since of the concept synergy, together their sum trumps the individual parts.

"When you've got a drummer like Jason Marsalis—with his talent and his overall vision of the drum set and not just American drums, but African and Latin and everything; and Roland with the different grooves on the bass that he plays with—not just strictly jazz grooves—he plays good electric and he's influenced by Blues and the Zydeco music of his culture—when you put all that together there's just a lot to work with."

With three discs already in the can and ready to be distributed on his own J-Master Records, Roberts is a prolific artist whose ability spans the history of jazz and beyond. Yet, he's still teaching and learning as he goes.

"I'm still going to be teaching there (Florida State University). I'm going to start studying a lot of orchestration because I just agreed to do a couple of big things with the Atlanta Symphony, so they're commissioning me to write a piece. So, I have a lot of work to do for that and you know, we'll keep playing. We'll keep doing as much trio work as we can and putting out those records. Of course, as a solo pianist I'm always interested in developing, so there's a lot to do. There's still a whole lot to do."

Selected Discography:

Marcus Roberts, Joy Of Joplin (Sony Classical, 1998)

Marcus Roberts, Portraits In Blue (Sony Classical, 1996) Marcus Roberts, Gershwin for Lovers (Columbia, 1994)

Wynton Marsalis, Marsalis Standard Time Vol. 1 (Columbia, 1987)

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