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In Memoriam Harrison Ridley Jr.

By Published: May 3, 2009
The next day was a Sunday and Bob Perkins was back at the mic on WRTI for his regular Sunday morning program. During a break he read for the last time the news of Dr. Ridley's passing. "Our friend Harrison passed on this month. He fell ill last November. He struggled, fought the good fight, but it was not to be. He passed on February 19, the same date as another jazz great from Philly, Lee Morgan. We gave him a memorial service yesterday at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion. The mood of the service was not mournful, as we honored a lifetime of work and achievement. Harrison Ridley Jr.'s extensive family was well represented, as were his coworkers and the WRTI staff, and I think many of his listeners. There was music and singing. There was laughter at appropriate moments. He will be missed. But we will carry on. "

Then Perkins announced the station's enduring tribute to the late great Dr. Ridley: WRTI will continue to use his program title, with a new DJ. " So keep your finely tuned ears right here Sunday nights at 8 PM for the Historical Approach to the Positive Music, with your host, Jeff Duperon, and give a listen."

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