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Tom Warner: Honoring the Legacy

By Published: May 6, 2009
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Values and Musical Tastes

AAJ: Finally, I often ask the musicians about their philosophy of life and whether they have a spiritual orientation. Jazz has spiritual roots in the blues, gospel, and so forth. So, how would you sum up your approach to living, what gives meaning to your life, what Tom Warner is about deep inside?

TW: I'd have to say that I try to think of myself as someone who's open to listening to new ideas, experiencing new and different things as much as possible, seeing how people from different cultures and parts of the world can work together. And when it comes to music, I've been so lucky to hear so many different things, that I just get into a quote by Duke Ellington about musical tastes to the effect that "If it sounds good and feels good, then it is good!" It's not that it's jazz or classical.

AAJ: It's not dependent on a category.

TW: Right. If it's done well, then "Bravo!" I think that sums up my musical philosophy.

AAJ: When someone questioned whether his approach was "really jazz," Don Byron replied, "God doesn't care whether it's jazz or not."

TW: It's true!

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