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Take Five With...

Take Five with John Beaty of The Beaty Brothers Band

By Published: April 26, 2009
What is in the near future? The Beaty Brothers are joining forces with photographer Becky Yee and visual artist Emile Denichaud to debut a work called the Worry Wall Project on May 28, 2009 at the Gershwin Hotel in New York City. Check for more details.

The Worry Wall Project is a collective of musicians and artists dedicated to discovering, collecting, and documenting the worries of people from all walks of life from all over the world through live music/art events. We take these worries and use it to fuel our music and art.

The Worry Wall Project has come together to provide an outlet for people to release and alleviate their worries. We will create a movement of awareness and foster a network of motivated people that understand we all have worries.

Through a participatory art and music event, people admit and express their worries. Making their worries a tangible physical item in the form of a wall/art installation participants vocalize and visualize their worries. The music performance will create a buffer from the worries and inspire people to remember the resilience of the human spirit that is able to endure and survive anything.

The music will encourage participants enjoy and live in the moment and to separate themselves from the wall and thus leaving their worries behind on the wall so they can live a more peaceful life.

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