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Tony Grey: Stepping out of the Shadows

By Published: April 14, 2009

AAJ: And how is the next album shaping up?

TG: I want to really challenge myself. I want to be more of an individual on this record. I'm going to make an effort to be very different on this next record, but still melodic, and still do my thing. What's different about this next record is that it's going to be live in the studio with no overdubs. It's going to be what it is and something I can really take out on the road.

As a composer, sometimes I over-compose and then when I come to play something live, I'm kind of restricted with what I can play. It's easy to overproduce, to over-compose, so I want to create something that I can easily play live.

AAJ: Is there not a little bit of a danger that if you use the same musicians as on your first two albums you might find yourself struggling to get out of the sound, which it seems you want to do?

TG: Yeah and no, but the thing is, I use so many musicians. Each musician I'm picking is very different. If they were going to improvise without thinking about what they were going to play, they would sound so different from one another. So I'm just going to put these guys together in a room: five very different sounds but one concept. I'm excited about it.

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