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By Published: April 30, 2009
Set for release next month, simakDialog's Demi Masa is the latest manifestation of Pavkovic's interest in the music of South East Asia. The band's main man is the Indonesian keyboardist and composer Riza Arshad, who combines Western Fender Rhodes piano fusion moves with a gamelan-inspired percussion weave. The June issue of Protoplasmic will swerve in yet another unpredictable direction. It's set to be MoonJune's most extreme disc so far, a completely improvised meeting between New York guitarist Elliott Sharp
Elliott Sharp
Elliott Sharp
and the Italian singer and self-sampler Boris Savoldelli. This session grew out of the pair's excellent gig at The Stone late last September. The recorded combination is equally exciting, but with the bonus of increased stereo tinkering of their various electro-acoustic real-time effects. Sharp jumps from electric sludge to acoustic harp impersonations, while Savoldelli is by turns choirboy and Satanic messenger.

Ultimately, the energetic Pavkovic is defiantly optimistic in the shadow of today's economy. "In the '90s, sales worked very well in the music business. When I started the label in 2001, everything was beginning to change." Fortunately, his infrastructure was in place just in time, as MoonJune began in the 'previous dimension.' "I found my niche and found my way of surviving. I understand the difficulties and I've adapted. I've found the demographic, the people that want to buy this music."

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