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Big Band Caravan

Mike Barone / National Youth Jazz Orchestra / Vaughn Wiester / Dutch Jazz Orchestra

By Published: April 3, 2009
Tracks and Personnel

Class of '68

Tracks: The Monster; Two for the Road; Perk Up Jack; Peachy; Medalist; Real Neal; Tempi; Somewhere Along the Way; Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (My Baby); More Than You Know; Waltz This!

Personnel: November 6, 1968: Larry McGuire, Buddy Childers, Gary Barone, Steve Huffsteter: trumpet; Med Flory, Bill Perkins, Lou Ciotti, Bill Hood, Jack Nimitz: reeds; Charlie Loper, Vince Diaz, unknown, Ernie Tack: trombone; Cliff Bryant: piano; Jim Hughart: bass; John Guerin: drums. December 11, 1968: same personnel except Mike Wofford: piano; Jim Trimble, Pete Myers: trombone. January 30, 1969: same personnel as November 6, 1968, except Tom Scott: alto sax; Myers: trombone; Monty Budwig: bass.

When You're Ready

Tracks: When You're Ready; Ballad for Saturday; Let's Settle Down; Felicity; Paris Is for Lovers; Little Right Foot; Nobody's Perfect; Abbey Gale; When Love Is Lost; Keepin' Out of Mischief Now; The Glory of Love; Sir Johnny Comes Swinging Home.

Personnel: Bill Ashton: director; Evan Jolly: composer, arranger, trumpet. Session A (2008): Alex Maynard, Jean-Paul Gervasoni, Ben Dawson, Henry Armburg-Jennings, Freddie Gavita: trumpet; Tommy Laurence, Nathan Hawken, Richard Shepherd, Ben Grossman, Tom Stone: reeds; Jon Stokes, Rob Harvey, Eoghan Kelly, Natalie Witts, Rhys Smith: trombone; Emily Hall: flute; Will Bartlett: piano; Jon Russell: guitar; Paul Michael: bass; Scott Chapman: drums; Lewis Wright, Paul Gregory: percussion; Sarah Ellen Hughes, Atila Huseyin: vocals. Session B (2005): Dan Carpenter, Alex Maynard, Jean-Paul Gervasoni, Rory Simmons, Evan Jolly: trumpet; Simon Meredith, Tommy Laurence, James Arben, Dave Shulman, Richard Shepherd: reeds; Phil O'Malley, Alistair White, Jon Stokes, Mick Marshall, Paul Frost: trombone; Paul Greenwood: flute; Rob Barron: piano; Chris Allard: guitar; Tom Farmer: bass; Richard Barr: drums; Lyndsay Evans: percussion; Lauren Derwent: vocals. Session C (2006): Alex Maynard, Jean-Paul Gervasoni, Evan Jolly, Freddie Gavita, Henry Armburg-Jennings: trumpet; Simon Meredith, Tommy Laurence, Sam Mayne, Dave Shulman, Nik Carter, Richard Shepherd: reeds; Jon Stokes, Tim Smart, Rob Harvey, Natalie Witts, Lewis Edney or Dan West: trombone; Chris Bishop: horn; Paul Greenwood: flute; Will Bartlett: piano; Chris Allard: guitar; Paul Michael: bass; James Maddren: drums; Mark MacDonald: percussion.

Herb-al Remedy

Tracks: Gotcha; Blue Moon; Sweet Georgia Brown; On the 20th of July; Just One of Those Things; Peanut Vendor; Fools Rush In; On Green Dolphin Street; Bluesette; My Silent Love; Deed I Do; Snowfall; Mr. Bentley's Bossa; Crunch M'Can Blues; The Very Thought of You; It Ain't Necessarily So; You Are Too Beautiful; Perdido; We Need a Little Christmas Medley.

Personnel: Vaughn Wiester: leader, trombone; Jim Powell, Bob Larson, Bert Yance, Larry Everhart: trumpet; Jay Miglia: alto sax; Phil Winnard: alto sax, flute; Matt James, Joe Graziosi, John Vermulen: tenor sax; Bob LeBeau: baritone sax; Scott Strohm: French horn; Brian Olsheski, John Hall, Ryan Hamilton, Matt Ellis, Sean Maloney: trombone; Jim Luellen: piano; Larry Cook: bass. (Probably) Derek DiCenzo: guitar; Steve Schaar: drums (only soloists are listed).

Moon Dreams

Tracks: Spanish Dance; Rose of the Rio Grande; The Happy Stranger; Poor Little Rich Girl; Joost at the Roost; Easy Living medley (Easy Living / Moon Dreams / Everything Happens to Me); The Major and the Minor; Yardbird Suite; Lover Man; Brew's Tune; Broadway.

Personnel: Jan Oosthof, Ruud Breuls, Mike Booth, Eric Veldkamp, Ray Bruinsma, Jan Hollander: trumpet; Marco Kegel, Albert Beltman, Hans Meijdam: alto sax, clarinet; John Ruocco: clarinet; Ab Schaap: tenor sax, clarinet; Simon Rigter: tenor sax, flute; Nils van Haften: baritone sax, bass clarinet; Janine Abbas, Friederike Darius: flute; Rene Pagen, Roel Koster, Morris Kliphuis: French horn; Martien de Kam: tuba; Martijn Sohier, Ilja Reijngoud, Hans Jorg Fink: trombone; Rob van Bavel: piano; Martijn van Iterson: guitar; Jan Voogd, Jos Machtel (5): bass; Eric Ineke, Marcel Serierse (5): drums.

Edge of the Mind

Tracks: Breaking Point; Edge of the Window; Slide Therapy; Chuck n' Jinx; The Radiance of Spring; Rhythm of the Mind; My Star; Ives, Eyes; BMT.

Personnel: David Schumacher, J.C. Sanford: composer, conductor; Bud Burridge, John Hines, John Bailey, David Smith: trumpet, flugelhorn; Dan Willis: alto, soprano sax, flute; Eric Rasmussen: alto sax, clarinet; Chris Baca: tenor, soprano sax, clarinet; Ben Kono: tenor sax, bass clarinet; Dave Riekenberg: baritone sax, bass clarinet; Mark Patterson, Alan Ferber, Lolly Bienenfeld: trombone; Chris Olness: bass trombone; Andrew Green: guitar; Deanna Witkowski: piano; David Ambrosio: bass; John Hollenbeck: drums; Kate McGarry (5): voice.

Doin' the Best Deeds

Tracks: Where or When; Road to Uncertainty; Jeanine; Chips and Salsa; Cherokee; My Foolish Heart; Pedalogy; 2nd Race; What Is Hip; Georgia; Forget Regret; Wiggle Walk.

Personnel: Jazz Band: Tom Peters, Karl Blackwood, Dustin Williams, Matthew Mooney, Jennifer Munsey: trumpet; Michelle Christiansen, Sam Solano: alto sax; Jon Vancura: tenor sax; Billy Gaechter: tenor sax, vocals; Samantha Dickinson: baritone sax; Sean Wyatt, Heidi Aispuro, Emily Kerridge, Spencer Didlake: trombone; Solomon Thelin: guitar; Sam Hirsh: piano; Ross Davis: bass; Mitch Wilson: drums; Nancy King: vocals. Jazz Combo A: Sam Hirsh: piano; Ross Davis: bass; Mitch Wilson: drums. Jazz Combo B: Michelle Christiansen: alto sax; Samantha Dickinson: flute; Heidi Aispuro: trombone; Aaron Byers: guitar; Luke Tarter: piano; Eric Wheeler: bass; Jon Vancura: drums.


Tracks: Having Built in Deeper Water; Pulse; Mississippi Ecstasy, Movement 1; Mississippi Ecstasy, Movement 2; Mississippi Ecstasy, Movement 3; Tunnel Vision; North South; Black Rattle; A Time of Reckoning.

Personnel: Dan Cavanagh: composer, arranger, piano, Hammond B3; John Adler, Scott Harrell, Ken Edwards, Alcedrick Todd, Rick Stitzel: trumpet; Tim Ishii, Randy Hamm, Ed Peterson, Steve Owen, Glenn Kostur: reeds; Steve Wiest, Jonathan Woodrow, Steven Dunn, Matt Ingman: trombone; James Miley: piano; Dave Hagedorn: vibes; Brian Mulholland: bass; Stockton Helbing: drums; Jim Yakas: percussion; Timothy Young: poetry, narration.

Meditations on the War

Tracks: Samantha Swing; Prayer for Togetherness (Kimana); Phil Stewart Figures Out Ofer Landsberg Playin' Charlie Parker Blues; Togetherness / No Self; F*ck the Man (Please Vote); I Did Nothing to Lose You; Meditations on the War for Whose God Is the Most High; Prayer for Unconditional Love; Never-ending Endeavors; Prayer for Compassion; Please Be Green New Orleans.

Personnel: Jade Synstelien: composer, arranger, guitar, vocals; Tatum Greenblatt, Brandon Lee: trumpet; Sharel Cassity: alto sax; Stacy Dillard, Geoff Vidal: tenor sax; Jonathan Voltzok: trombone; Max Seigel: bass trombone; Jack Glottman: piano; Ben Meigners: bass; Phil Stewart: drums.

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