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John di Martino: Piano Man In/On Demand

By Published: March 31, 2009
AAJ: Back to your project list. What else is upcoming for you?

JdM: Well, recording-wise there's a CD I'll be doing with Frank Vignola
Frank Vignola
Frank Vignola
. It's a kind of smooth jazz fusion thing. Also, I'll be recording with Houston Person and Pamela Luss. Then there's a project I'll be doing with Giacomo Gates
Giacomo Gates
Giacomo Gates

. He'll be singing material by Gil Scott-Heron
Gil Scott-Heron
Gil Scott-Heron
1949 - 2011
. As far as performances, I'll be playing for Maurice Hines on March 28 [2009] at the Triad. April starts with Mary Foster Conklin and Mark Winkler at the Laurie Beecham Theatre on the 4th . I'll be at Kitano with Karen Frick and Bernard Purdie . Then I'll be playing on two dates for Giacomo Gates—on the 18th at Flushing Town Hall and on the 22nd and 23rd at Smoke. St. Peter's Church on the 26th with Cynthia Scott. On the 27th I'll be at the Barnes & Noble Lincoln Center location with singer Dee Cassella and Jay Leonhart
Jay Leonhart
Jay Leonhart
on bass. That should be fun. And on April 2th I'll be Upstairs at Sardi's Restaurant with Patty Clark, a singer from the west coast. And then, I'll be touring Japan again the end of June.

AAJ: Sounds like your cup of gigs runneth over.

JdM: It seems when it rains, it pours. But I shouldn't complain. In this economy, I'm really grateful to be working.

Selected Discography:

John di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio, Magical Mystery (Venus, 2009)
Giacomo Gates, Luminosity (DoubleDave, 2008)
Houston Person, The Art and Soul of Houston Person (High Note, 2008)
Gloria Lynne, From My Heart To Yours (High Note 2008)
Nicki Parrott, Moon River (High Note, 2008)
Ray Barretto and New World Spirit, Trancedance (Circular Moves, 2008)
John di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio, Music of the Night (Venus, 2007)
Houston Person, Thinking Of You (High Note, 2007)
John di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio, Jazz Mozart (Venus, 2006)
Freddy Cole, Because Of You (High Note, 2006)
Mary Foster Conklin, Blues For Breakfast (Rhombus, 2006)
John di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio, The Music of the Night (Venus, 2005)
John di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio, So In Love (Venus, 2005)
Freddy Cole, This Love Of Mine (High Note, 2005)
John di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio, The Sweetest Sound (Venus, 2004)
Sara James, Intimate Dialogs (Kilimanjaro, 2004)
Bob Kindred, Blue Moon (Venus, 2004)
Bobby Sanabria, Quarteto Ache (Zoho, 2004)
Grady Tate, All Love, Grady Tate Sings (Village, 2002)
John di Martino, Birds Of The Heart (Panda Moon, 2001)
Bobby Sanabria, Afro-Cuban Dream: Live And In Clave (Arabesque, 2000)
Ray Barretto, Portraits in Jazz and Clave (BMG, 1999)
Carlos "Patata" Valdez, Unico y Differente (Connector, 1999)
The Troubadors, Terra Mars (CAP, 1996)
Ray Vega, Ray Vega (Concord Picante, 1996)

Photo Credits

Top Photo: Courtesy of John di Martino

Bottom Photo: Eddie Vega

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