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Jean Vanasse: Vibraphonist Unsurpassed

By Published: April 9, 2009
The lazy ear might conclude that, when all is said and sounded, there's not much there; Vitous has concluded otherwise, and together they make a remarkable case for original music that features the kind of listening that should be written into a score. Vanasse's compositions are born out of the respect each has for the effective range of his instrument—and for each other. As such, their latest collaboration (to be released in late 2009 on the Effendi label) establishes itself as the standard against which all future bass and vibraphone composition will be judged.

Jean Vanasse, who has been playing to international audiences for over 20 years (including a 4-year stint in Paris), is finally earning kudos at home, and is a Canadian treasure whose unique contribution to the evolution of his instrument will one day be accorded the recognition already granted by his peers.

Jean Vanasse and Miroslav Vitous are working out the details of a Fall, 2009 tour throughout Canada.

Selected Discography

Jean Vanasse Vanassextet, éerikois (Effendi, 2004)
Jean Vanasse, Mosaïques (Effendi, 2001)
Jean Vanasse/Miroslav Vitous, Nouvelle Cuisine (Justin Time, 1986)

Photo Credits

Top Photo: Courtesy of Jean Vanasse
Photo with Miroslav Vitous: John Kelman

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