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Lola Danza: Free To Sing Free

By Published: February 25, 2009
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But Danza doesn't stop at pure music. She has also been performing with an audio and visual concept group named "Nadu," which blends music with visual art—live music teaming up with live film, dancers and painters.

Lola Danza

"Nadu's a different thing," says Danza. "It's my project that brings audio and visuals together. Nadu in Korean means 'me also.' That's exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this project—to bring a bunch of different 'me's,' different personalities, together to create an alter reality. I've been lucky enough to play at these spaces in New York that have allowed me to take Plexiglas and cover the stage with it, and then I have the painter come in and throw paint and paint to the music. I work with a lot of video artists to transform time and space, to go somewhere else. Where? I dunno. It's a work in progress."

She says the last project she did was at a gallery where "we covered all four walls with video and had the audience sit in the middle of the space and then the musicians were part of the video as well, while they were playing. There was a live-stream of video, and the artist triggered it with the sound. So he was creating the video as we were playing the music. He had patches of video and could trigger them while the sound was going. So if we started doing something crazy, he would trigger a certain type of footage to match or not."

In the true spirit of a free musician, Danza says she'll be "going where the music takes me, always changing, always going in different directions."

Selected Discography

Lola Danza, Live Free (Evolver Records, 2009)
Lola Danza, Vision Quest (Evolver Records, 2005)
Lola Danza, Rebirth (Evolver Records, 2002)
Lola Danza, Within The Past (Evolver Records, 2001)

Photo Credits

Top Photo: Duane Huang
Bottom Photo: Courtesy of Lola Danza and MGG Design

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