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Gary Husband: There were these three Yorkshiremen...

By Published: February 16, 2009

Coming Soon

AAJ: Upcoming projects?

GH: Diversification seems to be the way of my working life, moving from one project to another, but it's also continually refreshing and keeps me alive. Maybe it's the Gemini in me. I've got some shows coming up with Robin Trower and Jack Bruce, and more big band things with Colin Towns, playing interpretations of Mahavishnu music with the NDR big band from Frankfurt.

Further down the line, there's a high probability that I'll be doing more stuff with John McLaughlin, which I'm very excited and remain hugely hopeful about. I'll also be doing some shows in 2009 in Europe with Allan Holdsworth and [bassist] Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson
—we haven't really played too much since around 2000.

Gary Husband

I've had a little interest to do a little more with [guitarist] Mike Stern as well. What else? I've made contact with a performance and tutorial DVD company called Altitude Digital, who I feel are really setting the standard, and I plan to be doing at least one DVD product for them. There's also the fact two of my older trio records became recently deleted too, so as a part of a sort of Gary Husband Archives set, I will be putting out again the best of that older stuff, maybe via CD Baby.

As far as a next record is concerned, it'll be a drums-led, electric, fusion, maybe electronics kind of affair of some kind or another. I'm also talking with Mark King about some ideas to do a little recording together. So, lots of things on the horizon.

I would really like to start doing more in 2009 and 2010 with my current band though. In contrast to my earlier projects, which have come and gone rather quickly, I'd like to have this band stay around and really develop, really grow as a band.

I hope so much that people will enjoy this group. And providing I can get it together for us to get out in the world and do some great concerts, I really feel they will. I've had such a great reaction to the recording and the concerts so far, so I'm thrilled to say it all really looks good for this new band.

Selected Discography

Gary Husband's Drive, Hotwired (Abstract Logix, 2009)
Asaf Sirkis Trio, The Monk (SAM, 2008)
Gary Husband, Complete Diary of a Plastic Box (Angel Air Records, 2008)
Jack Bruce & Robin Trower, Seven Moons (V-12 Records, 2008)
Gary Husband's Force Majeure, Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London (DVD) (RSJ Grove Productions, 2005)
John McLaughlin, Industrial Zen (Verve Fontana, 2006)
Gary Husband, A Meeting of Spirits: Interpretations of the Music of John McLaughlin (Alternity, 2006)
Gary Husband & Friends, Aspire (Jazzizit, 2004)
Gary Husband, The Things I See: Interpretations of the Music of Allan Holdsworth (Angel Air, 2004)
Gary Husband, From the Heart (Jazzizit, 1999)
Billy Cobham, Focused (Eagle Records, 1998)
Jack Bruce, Cities of the Heart (CMP Records, 1994)
Allan Holdsworth, Hard Hat Area (Restless Records, 1994)
Allan Holdsworth, Wardenclyffe Tower (Restless Records, 1992)
Level 42, Guaranteed (RCA, 1991)
Level 42, Staring at the Sun (Polydor, 1988)
Allan Holdsworth, Atavachron (Enigma Records, 1986)
Allan Holdsworth, I.O.U. (Enigma Records, 1985)
Allan Holdsworth, Metal Fatigue (Enigma Records, 1985)

Photo Credits
Top Photo, Group Photo of Gary Husband's Drive: Courtesy of Gary Husband
Husband on Jungle Kit/John McLaughlin and The 4th Dimension: John Kelman
Husband Playing Yellow Kit: Dick Morrell
Husband Playing Keys Standing: Courtesy of Sobie151

Husband Playing Red Kit: Courtesy of Point and Shoot

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