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2008: A Year of Jazz Tumult, Controversy and Achievements

By Published: January 1, 2009
Saxophonists Phil Bodner, Frank Chace (late 2007), Pat Crumly, Leo Curran, Arne Domnerus, Ray Ellis, Bob Green, Johnny Griffin, Franz Jackson, Henry MacKenzie (late 2007); LeRoi Moore, Danny Moss, Ray Reed, Joe Romano, Mario Schiano, Hal Stein, Mike Terry, Phil Urso, Donald Walden and Monty Waters; saxophonist and clarinetists Gene Allen, Alfredo Gallodoro; saxophonist and bandleader educator Jack Oatts; saxophonist, educator and civil rights activist Andy Goodrich; saxophonist, songwriter and bandleader George Lee.

Singers Clea Bradford, Connie Haines, Eartha Kitt, Evelyn Knight (late 2007), Julián Llános, Frances Lynne, Mae Mercer, Anca Parghel , Gene Puerling, Irene Reid, Lita Roza, Jo Stafford, Yma Sumac, Ralph Young; singer, pianist, bandleader, and composer Iris Bell; singer, composer, and guitarist Dorival Caymmi, singer and guitarist Henri Salvador; singer-guitarist-trumpeter and clarinetist Jeff Healey; singer and actress Edie Adams; singer, actress and painter Estelle Reiner; and singer and activist Miriam Makeba.

Trombonist Deryck "Kanga" Bailey, Warren Brown, Jimmy Cleveland and Ralph Hutchinson; trombonist and jazz critic Campbell Burnap.

Trumpeters Pete Condoli, Bob Enos, Freddie Hubbard, Tommy McQuater, Johnny Moore, Calvin Owens and Keith Smith; trumpeter, composer and arranger Neal Hefti; trumpeter and pianist John Brunious; trumpeter, clarinetist, bandleader, broadcaster and author Humphrey Lyttleton; trumpeter, big band leader and vocalist Tommy Sampson.

Vibraphonist Walt Dickerson.

Violinist Titi Winterstein; Violinist and record producer Gayle Dixon.

Blues, R&B, Soul, Zydeco, Gospel and doo-wop performers Nappy Brown, Bo Diddley, Evelyn "Cookie" Gabriel, Isaac Hayes, Pervis Jackson, George Jones, Robert Lucas, Ulysses Slaughter, Levi Stubbs, Ira Tucker, Dee Dee Warwick and Al Wilson. Blues and folk singer, guitarist and social activist Odetta Holmes.

Blues radio hosts Dee (Cap'n Pete) Henderson and Steve Ladd.

Broadcaster Joseph J. Valerio.

Composers Donald Erb and Lew Spence; composer, producer and record company executive Clyde Otis; composer and trombonist Earle H. Hagen; composer, educator, and pianist Ray Loring; composer and electronic instruments inventor Michel Waisvisz.

Festival founder, pianist, broadcaster, and composer Géo Voumard.

Filmmaker George Lamboy.

Manager, producer, booker, and bandleader Jerry Kravat.

Painter Iba Ndiaye.

Photographers William Claxton, David Gahr and Michael P. Smith.

Piano manufacturing executive Henry Steinway.

Poet Hayden Carruth; poet and performance artist Peter Rühmkorf.

Record company executives Jheryl Busby and George Butler; record producer, saxophonist and composer Teo Macero; Record producer Ozzie Cadena; record producer and writer Jerry Wexler.

Dancer and educator Gus Giordano; tap dancers LaVaughn Robinson and Jimmy Slyde.

Writers Werner Burkhardt, Ed Fenner III and Edgardo Vega Yunqué, writer and educator Wilfrid Mellers; writer and broadcaster broadcaster Erik Eriksson; writer and producer Juul Anthonissen; writer and publicist Peter Levinson; writer, jazz critic, writer, producer and activist Rosetta Reitz; syndicated radio talk show host and actor Studs Turkel; broadcaster and promoter Norm Bobrow; broadcaster Bill Pandozzi.

Hartford Jazz Society co-founder Arthur T. Fine (late 2007); jazz society founder and president Harold Gray.

Mona Hinton, wife of bassist and photographer Milt Hinton.

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