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Pernille Bevort: Cowboys and Girls

By Published: January 27, 2009
AAJ: You said these are difficult times, what's the jazz scene like in Copenhagen?

PB: With the conservatory the level of playing has got higher and higher so there are lots of great jazz musicians, and really nice composers with a lot of creative ideas and we have clubs with different styles and jam sessions going on, but the economy is not that good, and I guess it is difficult because a lot of the jazz musicians live in Copenhagen so we are so many. We need a bigger audience. (laughs)

AAJ: Or an annual cull.

PB: A what?

AAJ: Sorry, a bad joke, I suggested an annual cull of jazz musicians.

PB: It is a bad joke. (laughs) But a lot of good things are going on, and a lot of great music actually; in that way it is healthy. I hope there will be some kind of revival. And it may be that people get sick and tired of all those entertainment shows on telly.

AAJ: I hope you are right but it seems as if people have an insatiable appetite for it.

PB: But there must be some people waking up, who want to be entertained instead by people standing there really playing: "Wow, they're taking risks!" Sometimes it turns out very well and sometimes it doesn't, people struggling with instruments on stage, they cannot cheat, no playback, it's just real, and there and now—a level of intimacy. I hope there will be some kind of revival. (laughs)

AAJ: The media has a big responsibility I think. Every time I have dragged friends along to, I was going to say jazz gigs, but I'll use your term, rhythmic music, be it Wayne Shorter, Zakir Hussain
Zakir Hussain
Zakir Hussain
or Hiromi
they are blown away by the power of this music and the musicianship—yet they then go back to the old menu of soaps and reality TV; if only they had more exposure to it.

PB: I also think that the media have a great responsibility for this. And music is a very special kind of art, it can do something very special, because you really sense it with your whole body, you can really feel hit by music, it's not just visual, I mean you really sense it with...

AAJ: Body and soul.

PB: Body and soul.

Selected Discography

Erling Kroner New Music Orchestra, Strada Anfosa, La Mariposa Tango Project (Calibrated, 2008)
Pernille Bevort/Marie-Louise Schmidt, Playground + 1 (Calibrated, 2007)
Radio Bevort, Radio Bevort (Calibrated, 2006)
Erling Kroner New Music Orchestra, Tango Jalousie and All That Jazz (Calibrated, 2006)
Monday Night Big Band, Live from Paradise (Calibrated, 2006)
Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band & Putte Wickman, Kinda Dukish (Gazell, 2005)
Pernille Bevort/Marie-Louise Schmidt, Playground (Music Mecca, 2005)
Pernille Bevort Sextet, Who's Blue? (Dragon Records, 2000)
Erling Kroner Dream Quintet, Trombonissimo (Music Mecca, 1999)
Erling Kroner Dream Quintet, Ahi Va El Negro (Storyville, 1998)
Pernille Bevort Quartet, Back in Business (Storyville, 1998)
Pernille Bevort Quartet, Alive (Music Mecca, 1996)

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