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Brad Shepik: Sounding A Global Warming Warning

By Published: December 8, 2008
AAJ: What do you think is the greatest challenge to addressing global warming?

BS: There are many I think. Two that come to mind are education and alternative energy. We need more of a perspective on the issues, more attention about the environment in what we listen to, read and watch. Also, what do we find to replace oil and carbon-based energy that we rely on so much for our lifestyle? We need to figure out how we can meet everyone's needs without consuming so much.

AAJ: With President Elect-Obama promising to make climate change a top priority and the whole world looking to the U.S. for new leadership, are you optimistic that we have turned a corner in tackling the climate crisis?

BS: I'm glad that we have leadership that agrees with the rest of the world, that the issue urgently needs to be addressed. I hope it will be viewed together with our other problems in the financial markets and our energy policy. We've reached a point where the confidence in our old way of doing things has been severely eroded. I have the sense that there's an opportunity right now that's not to be missed. I'm hopeful that we can change the direction we've been heading in and begin to address these issues by viewing them collectively, not separately.

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