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Al Jarreau: Christmas Time At Last

By Published: December 15, 2008
Pondering the possibilities, he says a big band record is one thing that interests him at some point down the road. "I worked with NDR Big Band, one of the great big bands in this sector of the universe. We did a program of their music in the first half, and I joined them on a couple classic pieces. Then I came out in the second half and it was all Porgy and Bess' music. That's a program that should get recorded," he says, half fantasizing. "I've been doing a symphony program that is largely my music, but other things. Broadway music and a couple classical pieces. I should do that one too ... There are a bunch of duet that ought to happen along the way.

"The main thing is to stay inspired and refreshed and healthy enough to take advantage of that."

Selected Discography:

Al Jarreau, Christmas (Rhino, 2008)
Al Jarreau, Love Songs (Rhino, 2008)
Al Jarreau, Dionne Warwick, R&B Soul: Live (Direct Source, 2007)
Al Jarreau and George Benson, Givin' It Up(Concord, 2006)
Al Jarreau, My Favorite Things (Golden Stars, 2005)
Al Jarreau, Accentuate The Positive (GRP Records, 2004)
Al Jarreau, All I Got (GRP Records, 2002)
Al Jarreau, Tomorrow Today (GRP Records, 2000)
Al Jarreau, Improvisations (Blue Moon Imports, 1998)
Al Jarreau, Living for You (Magnum Collectors, 1996)
Al Jarreau, Tenderness (Warner Bros., 1994)
Al Jarreau, Heaven and Earth (Warner Bros., 1992)
Al Jarreau, Heart's Horizon (Warner Bros., 1988)
Al Jarreau, L is for Lover (Warner Bros., 1986)
Al Jarreau, Live in London (Warner Bros., 1985)
Al Jarreau, High Crime (Warner Bros., 1984)
Al Jarreau, Jarreau (Warner Bros., 1984)
Al Jarreau, Breakin Away (Warner Bros., 1981)
Al Jarreau, This Time (Warner Bros., 1980)
Al Jarreau, All Fly Home (Warner Bros., 1978)
Al Jarreau, Look To The Rainbow (Warner Bros., 1977)
Al Jarreau, Glow (Warner Bros., 1976)
Al Jarreau, We Got By (Reprise, 1975)

Photo Credits
Top Photo: Courtesy of Al Jarreau
Bottom Photo: John Glenn
Photo with George Benson: Michal Cantarelli

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