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Ned Rothenberg

By Published: December 4, 2008
In November he'll play at The Stone for Zorn's Improv night and in a new quartet with bassist Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz and drummers Harris Eisenstadt and Adam Rudolph
Adam Rudolph
Adam Rudolph
. "It's going to be a blowing [group], which I don't do enough," Rothenberg says. Rothenberg will indulge his attraction to Korean music in December, playing at the Asia Society with a group including Korean musicians Yoonjeong Heo on geomungo (Korean zither), Kwon Soon Kang's voice and Choong Eun Han on Korean flutes, as well as cellist Friedlander and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi.

In the coming year, he'll premiere a new string quartet commission at the Brecht Forum coupled with his "Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet #1," which premiered at Roulette last January. An upcoming Tzadik recording of this chamber music is planned and Rothenberg also hopes to work more with Fell Clutch and Sync.

From a career of striving to transcend creative boundaries, Rothenberg comfortably recognizes his voice. "There is joy in limitation. There is joy in the fact that you can't do everything," he muses. "Within your limitations is also your identity."

Recommended Listening:

Paolo Angeli/Evan Parker/Ned Rothenberg—Free Zone Appleby 2007 (psi, 2007)

Ned Rothenberg/Tony Buck/Stomu Takeishi—The Fell Clutch (with Tronzo) (Animul, 2005)

New Winds—Potion (Victo, 1997)

Ned Rothenberg—Power Lines (New World, 1995)

Ned Rothenberg Double Band—Overlays (Moers Music, 1991)

Ned Rothenberg—The Lumina Recordings: Solo Works (Lumina-Tzadik, 1980-85)

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