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Martino Unstrung: A Brain Mystery

By Published: November 3, 2008
It also has a profound message of renewal for those recovering from a serious medical condition. Although I claim in this instance to be neither a neutral observer nor a seasoned film critic, I would, with all due humility, give the film five stars and a "don't miss" recommendation. It is a must see for jazz fans as well as those interested in psychology and neuroscience, and the general public will also find it fascinating and informative. Furthermore, anyone who has suffered a serious setback in life or who has had a severe medical condition will find in this film inspiration, hope, and, above all, "the unbearable lightness of being."

Film Credits: Ian Knox: writer, director, producer, editor, photography; Paul Broks; writer; Jonathan Morris: editor; Nyika Jancso: editor, photography; Rebecca O'Brien: executive producer; Pat Martino: music; Milton Mermikides: music.

Photo Credits

Stills from Martino Unstrung, courtesy of Ian Knox and Sixteen Films

Visit the movie website for Martino Unstrung here and watch the film trailer here.

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