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John Fedchock: Dedicated to Clifford Brown

By Published: October 14, 2008
John FedchockAAJ: What led you to organize your big band? How is that project going these days?

JF: I was out with Woody for seven years and it was so much fun, playing and writing, and getting the satisfaction of hearing my music back right after composing it, that after a year of being in New York I started to miss it. For me it's a labor of love to have a band playing my music, and I that I'm kind of carrying the torch that Woody passed on to me.

The work pattern has changed over the course of the past 15 or 16 years. When the band first started we played little clubs here in New York for not much money. But after the first album came out we started getting calls for larger venues and festivals. In recent months we've been back doing special performances in select clubs in NYC which has been a lot of fun. At the present time, I'm writing music for our next album, which may be including this new piece.

Selected Discography

John Fedchock, Up and Running (Reservoir, 2007)

John Fedchock, No Nonsense (Reservoir, 2002)

John Fedchock, Hit the Bricks (Reservoir, 2000)

John Fedchock, On the Edge (Reservoir, 1998)

John Fedchock, New York Big Band (Reservoir, 1992)

Woody Herman, Woody's Gold Star (Concord, 1987)

Woody Herman, Live at Concord Jazz Festival (Concord, 1981)

Photo Credit

Courtesy of John Fedchock

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