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Todd Sickafoose: The Art of Non-Resistance

By Published: September 22, 2008

AAJ: Your plans for the future?

TS: I hope to get my band playing in front of some diverse festival audiences. We are going to tour as much as we can this year. But my main goal is to sell mountains of CDs so that Jeff Gauthier can keep running his great Cryptogramophone label until the end of time. Or possibly longer.

Selected Discography:

Todd Sickafoose, Tiny Resistors (Cryptogramophone, 2008)
Ani DiFranco, Red Letter Year, (Righteous Babe, 2008)
Todd Sickafoose, Blood Orange (Secret Hatch, 2006)
Ani DiFranco, Canon, (Righteous Babe, 2007)
Adam Levy, Loose Rhymes: Live on Ludlow Street (Lost Wax Music, 2007)
Ani DiFranco, Reprieve, (Righteous Babe, 2006)
Ani DiFranco, Knuckle Down, (Righteous Babe, 2005)
Jessica Lurie, Licorice & Smoke(Zipa!Music, 2005)
Scott Amendola, Cry (Cryptogramophone, 2003)
Todd Sickafoose, Dogs Outside (Evander Music, 2000)
Jenny Scheinman, Live at Yoshi's, (Avant, 2000)

Photo Credits
Top Photo: Bob Sanderson

Bottom Photo: Courtesy of Cryptogramophone

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