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Paul Shapiro: Swinging the Mundane with the Holy

By Published: September 23, 2008
AAJ: You keep your own band on all your projects; that's a rare thing these days.

PS: I love them. They are just amazing. I am the only guy who uses them together. We have a lot of fun together. Lewis is such a great musician, with a wonderful feel of the music—whatever music he's playing. We are now performing my music to His People, and there are some boxing scenes there and he's improvising on of top of the boxing moves. He's brilliant. King is a sensational bassist—really strong. He's very creative, always keeping the music moving forward. Brian Mitchell never plays jazz cliches. He comes up with incredible things. I love people with original voices.

Selected Discography

Paul Shapiro, Essen (Tzadik, 2008)

Paul Shapiro, It's In The Twilight (Tzadik, 2006)

Paul Shapiro, Midnight Minyan (Tzadik, 2003)

So Called, The So Called Seder: A Hip Hop Haggadah (J Dub, 2005)

Lou Reed, The Raven (Sire, 2003)

Lou Reed, Ecstasy (Warner, 2000)

Daniel Zamir, Children of Israel (Tzadik, 2002)

Phillip Johnston, Normalology (Koch, 2001)

Phillip Johnston, Music For Films (Tzadik, 1998)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Make 'Em Like It (Shanachie, 2000)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials, In the Buzz Bag (Doublemoon, 1998)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Cool and Steady and Easy (Groovetown, 1995)

Steven Bernstein, Diaspora Soul (Tzadik, 1999)

John Zorn, John Zorn's Cobra: Live At The Knitting Factory (Knitting Factory, 1995)

Queen Latifah, Come into My House (Tommy Boy, 1993)

Queen Latifah, Nature of a Sista (Tommy Boy, 1991)

The Microscopic Septet, Beauty Based On Science (Vintage Jazz, 1988)

The Microscopic Septet, Off Beat Glory (Osmosis, 1987)

Photo Credits

Top Photo: Courtesy of Paul Shapiro

Bottom Photo: S.M. Levy

Featured Story Photo: Woody Ford

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